Agricultural Businesses

AGRICULTURAL BUSINESSES : accounting, social security, and tax services

As a member of the UNECA ( National Union of Agricultural Accountants) for more than 15 years, our expertise has grown with dedicated teams for the benefit of our agricultural customers. We are now honored to be joined by more than 100 agricultural businesses.
Close to you
Our locations in major cities, county offices and administration in rural areas allow us to be close to you and to be knowledgeable about your challenges.
Bookkeeping and payroll administration 
Bookkeeping and payroll administration are our core services. They result from the knowledge of your business and are designed to meet your needs.
Guidance above all ! 
Financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, notes) are not an end in and of themselves. They are above all a tool designed to analyze your business, identify areas for improvement, study the feasibility of projects, and to seek funding....The balance sheet is intended for a number of third parties: employees, bankers, customers, suppliers, tax authorities. 
Choosing BATT & Associés means choosing a high-quality service ( balance sheet preparation, analysis & advice) tailored to your business. Choosing BATT & Associés also means benefiting from our expertise and our professional network.
Tax and social security returns
We assist you in the preparation of all your tax and social security declarations [VAT, MSA (agricultural industry social security), tax returns, etc...]. 
We implement all the transmission proceedings and ensure liaison with tax authorities, the MSA and the certified management centers.

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