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BATT & ASSOCIES opened in early September, a new office in Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, In the city of Grenoble.
This is the logical continuation of the development of BATT & ASSOCIES in eastern France but also at a national level.
In 2010, the group opened a first site outside the Lorraine region, in Paris, driven by the dynamism of the capital. It is therefore natural that the Group creates a new branch in the 2nd French economic region: Auvergne Rhône Alpes. Indeed, Grenoble is a metropolis known for the vitality and innovation of its companies. Nestled in the mountains, it also recalls the origin of the Group, the Vosges Region.
This implementation therefore meets a greater need for support of our clients present in Auvergne Rhône Alpes region and globally in the southern half of France. It seems legitimate to be present to them, in terms of our values: confidence, precision and responsiveness. This new office is supported by three of our partners who know the area well: Jéhanne GARRAIT, Nicolas BARNET and Anne ZUNINO who will lead this office in her capacity as an Expert Accountant.

Anne has 9 yers of experience in auditing and Accountancy. She joined the BATT & ASSOCIES Group in 2011. As part of her accounting and legal audit assignments, she meets clients frome a wide range of fields (clinical, EPHAD, chemistry, brewery, trading...). Having established inventory management tools and cost price analysis for SME Managers, Anne has also completed tax and social studies and developed business plans for restructuring groupes.

The opening of the site BATT & ASSOCIES Grenoble should enable us to offer the closest support closer to our clients in a dynamic and innovative area, while developing good synergies with our Parisian site.