Human resources - Employment Management

Human Resources Management

Each month, we prepare more than 5,000 payrolls for our clients who wish to contract out the administrative part of personnel management. This assignment includes sending all the necessary social security and related documents. We also offer assistance and advice throughout the professional life of your employees:

Upon hiring

  • Request for assistance
  • Drafting of employment contracts

Throughout their professional life
  • Compensation management: benefits in kind, bonuses, profit-sharing, retirement savings plan
  • Protection and professional training: pension plan, hardship
  • Establishing staff representative institutions: delegates, works council, single delegation

When relations become strained,
  • Disciplinary sanctions:
    • Warnings
    • Layoff

Upon termination of employment
  • Resignation
  • End of fixed-term contract
  • Retirement
  • Dismissal
  • Termination by mutual consent
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