Our Fondation

about the BATT & ASSOCIES fondation
 We created the BATT & ASSOCIES Foundation for three reasons :

*  To give back to our community, 
    the community which helps us grow

*  To give back to our teams membres
    to help them achieve their life goals beyond the office

                                                                                                                                                                * To bond as a team over  a meaningful internal and external communication project

The foundation represents the values of BATT & ASSOCIES.
Supported by the Fondation de France, our fondation  :
  • Supports projects facilitating solidarity, social integration, and various social actions for within the community
  • The fondation primarily implement projects for the communities located near BATT & ASSOCIES offices, but also projects our employees are already involved in.

The BATT & ASSOCIES foundation governance includes an Executive Committee comprised of employee representatives assisted by external figures who play a major role in the direction and choice of the projects the foundation supports.
THE  Batt & Associés foundation projects
DU Repreneuriat
The foundation supports the students of the university program DU REPRENEURIAT, which prepares entrepreneur students to acquire buisinesses following graduation.

Festival Rehain Vit l'Art
Festival, art and culture in Rehainviller. This year, the festival celebrated its 4th edition !
Greux Judo Club
The foundation supports the club towards their participation in the French disability sport championship