Our Fondation


We founded the FONDATION BATT & ASSOCIES for three reasons :
  • To give back to our community, a community that has made it possible for us to evolve.
  • To give back to our teams membres to help them achieve beyond their direct professional commitments.
  • To bond as a team over  a meaningful internal and external project

This foundation is an extension of the values embodied by BATT & ASSOCIES.

Supported by the Fondation de France, our foundation  :
  • Supports projects facilitating community, social integration, and any action of a social nature.
  • It favors projects located in the same geographical location as the BATT & ASSOCIATES offices, but also projects where a BATT & ASSOCIATES employee is directly involved.

The FONDATION BATT & ASSOCIES governance includes an Executive Committee comprised of employee representatives assisted by external personalities and play a major role in the orientation and choices of the actions supported.

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