Preparing annual financial statements & tax monitoring


Listening to your business & to your CEO

This is an essential prerequisite for carrying out our mission. An in-depth knowledge of your company & the CEO, its history, its projects, its goals are the foundation of our mission.

Book keeping.... and the guidance that comes with it!
Book keeping is our core service. It results from the knowledge of your activity and allows us to establish financial data (balance sheet) useful for the management of your company. 
We implement it with efficiency (trained competent collaborators, advanced IS) and are a driving force in optimizing your processes to shorten the time needed to manage your accounts.

The balance sheet.... and the guidance that comes with it!
Financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, notes) are not an end in and of themselves. They are above all a tool designed to analyze your business, identify areas for improvement, study the feasibility of projects, and to seek funding....The balance sheet is intended for a number of third parties: employees, bankers, customers, suppliers, tax authorities. 
Choosing BATT & Associés means choosing a high-quality service ( balance sheet preparation, analysis & advice) tailored to your business. Choosing BATT & Associés also means benefiting from our expertise and our professional network.
Tax returns
We assist you in the preparation of all your tax returns (VAT, business taxes CVAE, CFE, TVS, tax package, etc...).
We implement all the transmission proceedings and ensure liaison with tax authorities.
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