Start up

Balance sheet season is a good opportunity to also look back: in 2018, our Paris office's client fundraising exceeded €100M.

This is very good news and we are proud to have been able to assist them, and, to continue to be there for them in the future!

Nevertheless, we can clearly see a "bubble" taking shape as a result of the legal and tax constraints on investment (regulated funds, transfer of assets, …).

Let's hope that all of us (entrepreneurs, consulting partners) will be able to seize these opportunities to create the future Major Groups and SMEs
of tomorrow (and not only Unicorns!).

At BATT & Associés, this is what we have been working at with our clients, day after day, for the past 50 years.

Some 2018 references from our Paris location:
  • Agricool
  • Lanchmetrics
  • Liegey Muller Pons
  • Pandacraft
  • Littel cigogne
  • pitchy
  • Deepomatic
  • Colonies
  • Bird Office
  • Fluo

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