The BATT & ASSOCIES Chronicle
03 November 2020

COVID 19 - Always by your side

COVID 19 - Always by your side
Dear clients,

Once again, we are by your side to assist you in this new phase.
During this difficult time, we are implementing several solutions in order to carry out our various assignments and also to support you in all your endeavors. Our organization's priorities are compliance with Covid safety measures, the health of our employees, and our duty to serve all of our clients.

Feel free to reach us:

By email (preferred)
we have implemented remote working for some of our teams, so you can reach your consultants who remain available to answer your queries.

By phone
The numbers you call stay the same. If the switchboard is transferred, you will be in touch with someone who can give you an email address, or leave a message for the consultant responsible for your case.

At our offices
You may drop off or pick up any document or paperwork during regular business hours.
BATT & ASSOCIES is prepared


Faced with this new chapter, we have put in place all the necessary measures. Sanitation instructions have been given to the cleaning teams and to on-site personnel.

Some of our employees are working remotely, with increased security and remote computer access. We have also set up virtual meeting solutions that allow us to communicate on how we operate internally and to adapt our work schedules, with direct messaging that can be consulted on smartphones.

A dedicated COVID-19 team has been set up to allow designated members to exchange information regarding our internal operations and to organize communication.

We have initiated a business continuity plan to secure our client relationships and to continue our advisory role.

Our electronic data management (EDM) tool allows our clients to file all the documents electronically, to enter and review their accounting records.

Communication via e-mail remains the preferred option, and we are committed to responding to you as soon as possible.

With each measure the government announced, with each new provision, we keep our clients informed via email with a newsletter.
All these newsletters are available upon request.

More than ever, our role is to support and inform our clients and to answer any questions they may have, to help them ensure their situation is secure and to make the right decisions with regard to third parties.
We are constantly watching out for our clients and our teams so that we can anticipate all the consequences of this pandemic.

We are here for you to listen and to help you as best we can.

We hope you and your loved ones are well and healthy.

Take very good care.

See you very soon