Violette DORANGE

VENDEE GLOBE objective 2024 for Violette DORANGE

We are pleased to renew our partnership started last year with the foundation “LES APPRENTIS D'AUTEUIL”.

For now, it's time to train. On schedule for 2021 : The double-handed transatlantic race between Concarneau and Saint Barthelemy and the” SOLITAIRE DU FIGARO” in late summer.
In 2022, she hopes to race “LA ROUTE DU RHUM” on an IMOCA boat, with an opportunity to take part in the VENDEE GLOBE 2024.

THE SOLITAIRE DU FIGARO 2020 : BATT & ASSOCIATES encourages Violette DORANGE and her boat DEVENIR (Becoming)

Following our support of Jean-Pierre DICK and Yann Elies over the past few years, we are extremely pleased with our new partnership with Violette DORANGE and are looking forward to the next races and joining forces with the
Foundation APPRENTIS D'AUTEUIL (*) in this adventure. 

It should be noted that Violette, at 19 years is the youngest participant in the race, and that there are only 2 women competing in this race.

A sporting and human adventure we are proud to support to ride all the waves of life.

(*) Apprentis d'auteuil : Catholic foundation recognized as serving the public interest, committed and involved with the most fragile youth and families:
- 30 000 youths welcomed each year and 6,000 families supported
-   6 000 staff committed to young people and families

THE SOLITAIRE DU FIGARO sailing race- Violette's step-by-step rankings.

Stage 4 was cancelled due to lack of wind.
The Solitaire du Figaro was cut short on Saturday evening: Stage 4 was cancelled due to lack of wind. 
Violette finishes in 30th place, and 6th rookie! It was a great experience, and Violette is thrilled to have fought and experienced this incredible race.


3rd stage, September 12-16: Dunkirk to St Nazaire - a fine 21st place
On Wednesday, after 4 days, 4 hours and 14 minutes of sailing, Violette crosses the finish line
of the 3rd stage and in 21st place!
This stage was going to be very difficult: uncertain weather, with some moments of depression, calm and irregular wind, and a lot of seaweed. It was a real lottery as the 33 skippers were counting on luck to get through all this mess.
The young sailor passed with flying colors the start of the Stage 3 this Saturday, September 12. She had set herself several goals: to be at full speed from the start of the race and to manage her pace well. Goals accomplished. Violette got off to a remarkable start at 4 pm and was well positioned right from the start.
During these 4 days, it was necessary to take into account the currents, the weather, and the effects of the thermal breeze. Violette had to make a tactical choice: either stay between the coast and her competitors or go out to sea to catch the wind more easily? She decided to take the least possible risks and stay close to her experienced competitors, especially Armel Le Cléac'h with whom she sailed for two days.
In Ouessant, a water bridge awaits the boats. The first boats manage to cross before the gate closed and the second group finds themselves trapped by the reversing current. A small group, led by Armel Le Cléac'h, decides to pass between the islands of Molène and Quemenes to take shelter from the current. This decision allows them to proceed ahead, and Violette finds herself at the rear of the fleet.
But it all comes down to the last day: three boats went around Belle-Île and finished first. Others, within the isles of Quiberon and are positioned last: Violette secured a good ranking thanks to her " sensible choices ".
"The beginning of the race went well thanks to well thought-out choices, I've always been in the running and I'm happy with my navigation. Of course, there were some difficult passages where my efforts fell flat because some people made other choices, but I didn't give up and I finished 21st! »
All her efforts were rewarded during this great stage. Violette once again learned a lot and her skills are only improving. Departure of the last stage, Saturday, September 19th around 7 pm.

2nd stage, September 6-8: Bay of St Brieuc to Dunkirk, via Start Point - 33rd place
After emptying the tank, Violette leaves the Bay of St Brieuc at 11 am on September 6th.  Despite many hours of rest and thinking she was in great shape, Violette realizes once on the water that her fatigue is profound: nights become more difficult, waking up is harder and her body requires more micro-naps.
Right from the start, the youngest sailor makes a mistake: she arrives late to the departure line and could not cross it in time: "Beginner's mistake. It's a real shame and I'm really mad at myself because this puts me behind from the start."
This second race is unusual: the wind rotation is important, and the last racers are likely to remain behind.  That's what happened for Violette, and it got worse throughout the race. After passing Start Point (southern tip of England), the distance between the first and last place widens to 24 miles.
The night before the finish in Dunkirk, tragedy strikes: Violette gets caught in seaweed without realizing it. In the early morning, after losing speed, she decides to reverse, feeling that there was a problem. The seaweed is huge and makes her lose 5 ranks, which puts her far behind...
The last day is very physical, but there's no way she's going to give up, she's fighting to catch up. She crosses the finish line in Dunkirk after 2 days and 8 hours of racing and positions herself 33rd. "I didn't like this stage as I was behind and it was less of a match.
"I'm very disappointed with the result but it's not over yet; there are still two good stages left and anything can happen on the next and the last stage. I am ultimately happy because I didn't give up anything and I learned a lot."
Indeed, there are only 2 hours 14 minutes between her and the rookie ahead of her. Violette still has everything at stake and is in 30th place in the general ranking. Now, some rest is necessary before the next departure which will take place on Saturday, September 12th, for St Nazaire.

Round trip Bay of St Brieuc via the Fastnet: 23rd place
On Sunday, August 30th, 35 skippers head for St Brieuc Bay for a 1pm departure. Violette manages to position herself in the middle of the fleet. After a few hours of sailing, she gets stuck with several boats, with no wind, and loses a few ranks. She learns that she is in 16th place the next morning and that many boats are behind her. This good piece of news makes her want to fight and continue the race by giving the best of herself: 
"The fleet has regrouped several times. What's stressful for the first boats is a chance for those who are behind because it's easier to catch up".
On the way back, it is a real fight in the direction of St Brieuc Bay : a lot of wind allows the boats to move fast. Violette then managed to catch up to those ahead of her and experienced the best moment of her race: "At that moment, off the Isles Scilly, I had the chance to sail alongside Gildas Mahé and Pierre Leboucher who are very experienced skippers. I loved this small battle".
The last night, Violette must be as vigilant as possible because the cargo rail is crossed again as is the passage full of seaweed. Exhausted, Violette has a blackout moment: she falls asleep unaware for long minutes and then loses a few ranks as a result. On the final leg towards the finish, with loud music in her ears, in regatta mode, she still manages to gain a few places and finishes 1st girl, 2nd rookie, and 23rd skipper of this first stage: "It was a great stage and I'm super happy. There was fun and interaction all along! »

August 30, 2020 : Start of the race
Violette Dorange set off for the first time on La Solitaire du Figaro on August 30th : a 4-stage sailing race. With 35 participants and 8 rookies this year, Violette is the youngest of this 51st edition, of one of the most famous solo offshore races.
The skipper is nervous about this race: "I don't really know what to expect. It's the first time that I'm going to follow the stages in this way; a series of 3 days at sea and then 3 days ashore to rest". This is her first La Solitaire du Figaro and she will have the opportunity to compete against the likes of Armel le Cléac'h and Yann Elies.

Before leaving, she set herself the goal of finishing on the rookie podium, to progress, to learn as much as possible, and above all to support the Fondation Apprentis d'Auteuil by giving it visibility, notably thanks to the support of its sponsor partners, IDE , BATT & ASSOCIES and AEROCAMPUS.

Arrival scheduled for September 19th! We are all right there with you!

August 24, 2020 : The sails bearing the sponsors' logos are ready to go.
It's gonna fly! 🚀 says Violette who finally unveils her boat entirely decorated in the colors of the foundation @apprentis_d_auteuil but also of the three main partners: @aerocampusaquitaine @batt&associés and @idecsportracing.

August 18, 2020 : New LOOK for the boat DEVENIR (Becoming)

Fresh look for DEVENIR which is getting ready for the departure of La Solitaire du Figaro, scheduled for August 30th.
We are very proud of this new LOOK!

August 07-09, 2020 : Solo Guy Cotten
Shortly after 15:00, the 31 solo sailors of the Solo Guy Cotten race crossed the starting line in Concarneau. Two nights at sea, 280 miles; it is the last race before La Solitaire du Figaro at the end of August, a small rehearsal before this important race.

16-19 July 2020 : Drheam Cup 2020
Founded in 2016 by Jacques Civilise, the DRHEAM CUP is a moment of competition, exchange, and celebration. It will be celebrating its third edition in 2020 on a route between Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and La Trinité-sur-Mer.

This sporting event brings together amateur crews, enthusiasts, and leaders of ocean racing, allowing them to confront each other and experience extraordinary moments during a week. This race brings together 11 categories of sailboats and offers different routes according to boat type; they will spend two nights at sea before crossing the finish line on Tuesday. 

July 19 at 1:00 pm: Violette DORANGE began the race on the boat DEVENIR (Becoming) with around a hundred boats, small and large.

The boats cross the English Channel and should reach the Isle of Wight in the middle of the night, then head west to the Isles of Scilly. For the end of this first day, Violette is 17th in the Figaro solo fleet.

Watch the start of the race

July 22 at 11:00 am - Violette finishes the race in 17th place

Violette DORANGE, a 19 year old young sailor
Born on April 17, 2001 in Rochefort, France, Violette DORANGE made her first crossing of the English Channel on an OPTIMIST (*) boat between the Isle of Wight and Cherbourg in May 2016.
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French, European and world championship on a 420 (double dinghy), European championship on an Optimist (small dinghy), youngest person to cross the Atlantic in a race and solo, first girl to cross the English Channel and then the Strait of Gibraltar on an Optimist... Violette Dorange's race book - and achievements - is impressive! At 19 years old, the sailor, who is also a student engineer at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Rennes, represents the hope of French sailing! A hope that she wants to bring to Apprentis d'Auteuil.

2017 : 2017: Bronze medal at the 2017 European 420 Championships in Athens.
Selected to represent France in 420 at the Isaf youth word championship 2017 in Sanya China with Camilloe ORION

2016 : Bronze medal at the Isaf youth world championship 2016
Selected to represent France in the 420 at the Isaf youth championship 2016 in Auckland with Camille Orion
French 420 Champion in 2016

(*) The optimist is a class of small singlehanded dinghy, usually built in fiberglass. It is one of the most popular types of sailboats in the world, with more than 150,000 boats officially registered in the class recognized as an international class by the International Sailing Federation.