Welcoming new team members


We provide you with a quality on-boarding program
that will ensure you adapt as smoothly as possible to the company's activities.

A week of immersion
with mentors who will guide you and pass on as much knowledge as you need about our company's culture, expectations, and values.

The well-structured programm
includes 5 half days of training that will help you integrate quickly and meet your specific needs.

We take the time to introduce you to the team at your location and provide you with :
  • A welcome booklet
  • A copy of our IT guide and best practices
  • Information regarding daily operations
  • A complimentary breakfast and a photo with the team
You receive proper training
on our software
  • Hands-on practice
Take part in our company Use, Share and Participate culture
  • Our dedicated social network helps
         We provide you with training
         on our DMS
            "Document management system"
    • Hands-on practice
    A one-on-one meeting with your manager to discuss
    • Your job responsibilities
    • Your training plan
    • Your performance goals
    If you are looking for a firm with a human face that expects quality while promoting personal growth, please join us as BATT & ASSOCIES