What the foundation does

Our first works in 2021
To begin this new year, the Fondation Batt is proud to support 2 new projects :
Workshop 17.91 in METZ (57000)
Combining creativity and social integration, the Association participates in the creation and animation of workshops aimed at developing social practices (gender diversity, intergenerational links, etc.), promoting human relations around cultural actions, linked to sustainable development and self-esteem (inclusive beauty, upcycling, etc.).
The Association's objective is to enable people in fragile situations to share, meet, exchange, discover, and progress.
To support them : Atelier 17 91 (helloasso.com)

Agoraé Nancy - Fédélor (54000)
Created in order to fight against student precarity, by students and for students, the Agoraé project was set up in Nancy and Metz.
The aim is to promote and strengthen social links, as well as to enable users of the solidarity grocery shop to have access to a healthy, balanced diet that really fits their budget.
They contribute to equality and to the fight against the failure of young people in their studies.      
More than a simple solidarity project with a social vocation, the Agoraé are intended to become Citizen's Nurseries in which a student's financial difficulties will not be an obstacle to his or her opening up to the city.
More info: http://www.fedelor.org/nos-agoraes/

And to renew its support for LES RAVITAILLEURS in Paris
This Association has set up a logistisl platform enabling meals to be prepared by chefs who are then delivered by volunteers.

Our 2020 actions
This year 2020, shaken by the health crisis, was the opportunity for the BATT & ASSOCIES foundation to reinforce its action with 2 new projects.


The Association LES RAVITAILLEURS was created in a context of food emergency following the first lockdown in May 2020 by Pol MAIRE.

In collaboration with organisations such as the Civil Protection, the Restos du Coeur, the Secours Populaire..., this Association has set up a logistical platform enabling 50,000 meals to be prepared by 250 chefs who are then delivered by 150 volunteers.

The Association aims to raise the sum of €100,000 by the end of 2020 to finance 50,000 meals.TF1 honoured the Association on the 8pm news on 11 April 2020.

If you wish, you can personally participate in this beautiful project by making a donation by logging in here.

The Foyer Coopératif IMT de Neufchâteau is an association which, among many other things, enables people to learn music: "Batuc'Adabra" concerns 30 teenagers and adults with disabilities who work with the help of a music teacher.

Our 2019 actions

The Foundation has given its support to encourage the tennis practice among the Raymond CAREL Educational Medical Institute children  in Vandoeuvre.
Secours Populaire Français 54
A grant was awarded in June 2019 for the renovation of the Association's building.

September 9 2018 - 19th AREMIG hike
The Fondation BATT & ASSOCIES and the members of the employee representative committee are proud to participate in the 19th AREMIG hike which will take place on Sunday, September 9th in Vandoeuvre les Nancy.
AREMIG is a non-profit organization that offers 18 rooms for the families of sick children, located near the Nancy Brabois children's hospital.


It serves 3 purposes, to help:

  • children, to cope with physical and psychological suffering
  • local research
  • parents, by supporting and allowing them to remain close to their children so that they can provide the children with the love and support they need during their stay in hospital.
Activities on September 9 include walks, mountain bike trails, etc., and in the afternoon, fun activities on site, especially for children (activities, wall climbing, gyropods, raffle, sulkies, face painting, archery, etc).

Plus d'infos ICI
It is with great joy, that BATT & ASSOCIES will be present to contribute to this event, in a family and festive atmosphere.  Our participation reflects our commitment and our desire to invest ourselves in a cause that is close to our hearts. 

April 2018 - Support to the CPE Organization

The organization CONFIANCE PROJET EMPLOI (confidence employment project) based in Essey les Nancy is dedicated to helping people regain confidence, develop a professional goal, and find or change jobs.  Radoine MEBARKI is the president of this organization.

The organization is supported by private donors (including the Fondation BATT) and public grants.
Every Monday, workshops are held to provide participants with an opportunity to regain confidence, build their professional career plans and their professional future. Volunteers a support them on their journey for a few weeks or months and often have the satisfaction of guiding them to employment.
Since 2016, the organization has assisted 59 jobseekers, 27 of whom have left successfully.
The General Assembly of the Organization was held on April 26th, during which, a former job seeker joined the Board of Directors:  The circle is complete!

Contact Information :
email : contact@asso-cpe.fr
website: http://asso-cpe.fr
Facebook : @confianceprojetemploi

April 2017 - Laxou - the local community center takes to the stage
The local community center of the Provinces is a key player in the local social and urban management of the area. It offers an acting workshop that performed a play about life in the neighborhood on April 4. Congratulations to the team of the Laxou local community center for their theatrical performance.

Article from the EST REPUBLICAIN newspaper from 02/22/2017 - Author Daniel ALBERT   

The performance will be held on April 4th at the Salle Pergaud.

Following the "music" workshop offered in 2016, conducted by Arnaud Cayuela, it is now the turn of Loren Christmann of the Laxovian theater company "Poissons de Lune" (moonfish) to present a show that will be performed at the Salle Pergaud during the general meeting on April 4, 2017.

With funding from the Fondation BATT, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, this theater workshop involved most of the 24 employees of the community center. The workshop does not impose a topic, but offers the freedom to try and do something different, as is customary.

This is how the different workshops were set up: writing and directing under the supervision of Loren, sets and costumes with Gilles Raveau, himself already experienced in the field. The theme chosen for the play is the life of the neighborhood, the feelings and experiences of the workers who live locally for the most part.
All await the curtain opening with great anticipation, but the participation objective has already been achieved.

February and April 2017 - Grenoble - Les P'tites Zaprems
Last outing of the year at the Domaine des Fauves Zoo

On Saturday, April 30, 11 children from the Secours Populaire (charity) went to the Domaine des Fauves, a zoo about 40 minutes from Grenoble.

The children had the opportunity to see lions, parrots, a cheetah, a panther, a llama, monkeys, sheep, chickens, rabbits... and even the chance to witness the cheetah's meal with explanations about its top speed of 112 km/h, its eating habits and its way of life. After a picnic in the sun and on the grass, the children enjoyed sliding and jumping on large slides and bouncy castles inside the zoo. Back in Grenoble at 5pm, the children left us, delighted by this beautiful day!

16 children from the Secours Populaire and the Halte (two charities) enjoyed a sports outing on a beautiful April weekend.
For our penultimate outing to the Bastille (in Grenoble), the sun was out!  As soon as we got on the aerial cable cars, the laughter began. The children were able to admire Grenoble and its mountains under a beautiful blue sky. Once we arrived at the Bastille, it was time for the Olympics! Between dodgeball and soccer match, both young and old enjoyed a fun and sporty afternoon.

After a well-deserved snack, it was time for our brave athletes to walk down the Bastille. Everyone left with a smile on their faces, waiting for our last outing of the year, which will take us to the zoo.

13 children from the Secours Populaire and the Halte (two charities) joined the ski trip for this beautiful February weekend.

They received ski lessons with the first hour spent under a snowstorm and the second hour under a big sun, to their delight! They also discovered the Vercors Mountains fauna and flora and were able to create their own animal footprint molding.  They were fortunate enough to see a fire dancer performing for them on the first night (Friday). It was a beautiful entertainment for both young and old. A dance was organized on Saturday evening. Some were quite the dancers in the group! They also made the traditional snowmen and snowball fights. Attacking and aiming at the animators seemed to be their favorite game. They were back to Grenoble on Sunday at 4.30 pm.  Children and leaders were delighted by the beautiful weekend spent all together! How wonderful it was to to see the children smiling!

Following the ice rink outing, enjoy the movie library outing while waiting for the ski week. Congratulations to the organization SOS Les P'tites Zaprems (sos little afternoons) for their beautiful outings with the children.
On February 8, the P'tites Zaprems took the children of the Secours Populaire and the Halte de Grenoble (two charities) to the Cinémathèque (film library). An afternoon of discovery that unfolded in two phases. On the one hand, the children were introduced to the behind-the-scenes workings of a real movie theater. The projection, the reels ... no longer have any secrets for them! On the other hand, they could put into practice what they had just learned by attending the screening of short films. The visit to the film library was a fulfilling and moving experience!
January 2017 - Nancy- Tous repreneurs ! A book by Radoine MEBARKI
Over the next 10 years, more than 600,000 companies will be looking for a buyer in France.

Want to become an entrepreneur? You dream about it but you think it is not for you? Radoine MEBARKI's book "TOUS REPRENEURS" (All business buyers) will convince you that anything and everything is possible.
"Always aim for the moon, because even if you fail, you will land among the stars".

Voir la vidéo ICI

Décembre 2015 - Nancy- D.U. Repreneuriat
La formation du D.U. Repreneuriat soutenue par BATT & ASSOCIES

Radoine Mebarki, délégué général du diplôme universtaire de repreneuriat, était sur le plateau de Lorraine Matin sur France 3 le vendredi 18 décembre 2015 pour présenter ce diplôme ; l'occasion pour lui de revenir sur le DU Repreneuriat,  soutenu par BATT & ASSOCIES.

Répondant à des besoins réels en Lorraine, le Diplôme Universitaire Repreneuriat a l'ambition de faire de ses étudiants, des « repreneurs ».  En effet, l'IUP Finance de Nancy a propose  une formation en la matière, par ses partenaires établissements de crédit, par ses intervenants professionnels de la reprise et les institutions en charge des politiques économiques. Leur engagement dans les enseignements et le dispositif est un véritable soutien au diplôme.

L'objectif est en effet de contribuer à augmenter le taux de réussite des reprises d'entreprise et de susciter les vocations. A ce titre, le DU est forme de de futurs repreneurs, détenant une cible d'acquisition définie ou sans projet précis, mais envisageant la reprise comme une alternative à la création pure.

Téléchargez la plaquette ICI

September 2015 - Rehainviller - Rehain Vit l'Art Festival
They are 4 young women who decided that the countryside should come alive, so they are taking action and organizing a music and art festival.

The Fondation Batt & Associés supports them in their efforts.

Saturday, September 26th,
The 4th edition of the Festival Rehain Vit l'Art 
welcomes you in Rehainviller (near Lunéville) from 3 p.m.
Shows, street entertainment for the young and old, concerts.
Community village in the afternoon

Food on site with local products only (And yes, an event without Coca-Cola, Nutella and fries, that works too!).

· if you are looking for a weekend activity,
· if you wish to spend a day with your family ,
· if you like culture
or simply wish to support them
See you on September 26, 2015 in Rehainviller.

Radoine Mebarki, General Representative of the University Diploma in Repreneurship, was on the Lorraine Matin TV set on France 3 channel on Friday 18 December 2015 to present the diploma; an opportunity for him to talk about the DU Repreneuriat program, with the support of BATT & ASSOCIES.
Meeting real needs in Lorraine, the University Diploma in Repreneurship has the ambition to make its students " repreneurs " (business buyers).  Indeed, the IUP Finance de Nancy offers training in this area, through its partners credit institutions, its professional takeover specialists and institutions in charge of economic policies. Their commitment to the teaching and to the program is of great value to the diploma.

The goal is indeed to contribute to increasing the success rate of company takeovers and to encourage new vocations. In this respect, the DU is training future buyers, with a defined acquisition target or without a precise project, but considering the takeover as an alternative to pure creation.

June 2015 - Greux - French Judo Championship Adapted Sport 2015
Here is the 1st project of the foundation: supporting the judo club of Greux in its participation in the French championship of adapted sport.

We are very proud of them: brilliant results for the judokas of Greux with 8 medals.
Congratulations to the whole team !!!